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Suggestion: Tips on a lesson added to mobile app

Some lessons has tips and/or some illustrations that are helpful especially in grammar lessons, but unfortunately I can't find them on the Android app, can we have access to them on the mobile app also ?

June 24, 2013

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This is a design flaw: the mobile apps (both Android and iOS) and the mobile version of the web page do not provide any means of accessing the lesson tips.

Given how long this has been the case, how many threads there have been about this, and how much development appears to be focused on minor cosmetic changes, it seems that the developers want things to be broken for mobile users.

@Duolingo Devs, if this is not the case, please fix the mobile versions to finally give mobile users access to the lesson tips. As noted in other threads (and not just by me), lesson tips are vital to understanding what the lesson is about. Leaving this out effectively cripples the mobile versions, and does your userbase a disservice.

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