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"Pour les reprises des enfants"

I was translating an article on the Shetland pony and I was wondering if a native French speaker could provide some insight on the following sentence: "Il y en a souvent dans les poney-clubs pour les reprises des enfants."

What does "pour les reprises des enfants" mean? "Reprise" seems to mean "to do something again", much like in English, but I don't understand its use in this context. Is it referring to education, teaching the children how to ride? For now, I've translated it as "for the entertainment of children", but I suspect this is incorrect.

October 1, 2012



It's a specialist term used in horse riding. Basically, a "reprise" is a series of exercises - maybe as simple as walk, trot, canter then back to walk again, or the more complex movements seen in dressage. In the above context "pour les reprises des enfants" just means "for training children to ride". I'm not a native French speaker, but I hope that will do.

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Right answer! (confirmed by a French speaker ;-) )


:) Thank you for your replies, 1km and Remy. I understand now. I'd checked Wikipedia for any alternate meanings and hadn't found anything, but now I see there is in fact an entry under sport:

"En équitation, une reprise est un enchaînement de figures équestres, présenté dans un carré de dressage (un terrain de 60 m par 20 m). C'est aussi le nom donné aux cours d'équitation, pendant lequel plusieurs cavaliers exécutent des exercices de dressage sous la direction d'un enseignant. L'enseignant prépare aussi des reprises pour des cavaliers de tout niveau."

Had never heard of that term before! Thanks again for explaining! I'll go update my translation.

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