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  5. "She is not here yet."

"She is not here yet."

Translation:Níl sí anseo go fóill.

November 1, 2014



The difference between the first and third options is a single síneadh fada over the 'i' in 'fóill'.
Is this a test of language or of eyesight?

November 1, 2014


Below a certain size, all diacritics are a test of eyesight in Museo Sans Rounded (at least for my eyes).

EDIT: If you use a browser for Duolingo, see this discussion for a workaround.

November 1, 2014


This might be in the notes for the negatives section, but how do you know when to use "ní" vs. "níl"?

March 16, 2016


@chewbacca4213. Níl if the positive sentence is using Tá. Ní if the positive is using Is. Here, positive = Tá sí anseo. (There is no essential equality between her and being here, she exists in other places too) Is cailín í (she = girl) would have negative: Ní buachaill í (her not= boy)

August 2, 2016


Is there an equivalent to how ann and ansin mean there but with here?

March 5, 2015



October 22, 2015
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