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Nothing to Translate

The Spanish science section is now empty. Is Duolingo even planning on fixing the index dump bug?

This site is no fun if there's no content other than fashion commentary, luxury goods reviews and SOPA rants.

October 1, 2012



Perhaps we have translated all of the internet already?


These Spanish categories are empty or close to empty, too:

Literature = 1

Argentina = empty with message "You have not translated any documents in this category"

Fables = empty with same message

Photography = empty with same message

Please either fix the Translations categories display to show all articles or add more interesting articles. Most categories are a waste of time.


I'm very unhappy with this as well. I used to love the articles, would enjoy reading the whole thing before attempting to translate.

Now I feel like I'm just translating somebody else's "ad copy." And for an editor who did it for a living, boring !!

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