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"Eu preciso de algum tempo para pensar."

Translation:I need some time to think.

June 24, 2013



I need and I require are the same.

Should "I require some time to think" be correct here as well?


what is the difference between algum tempo, as vezes, umas vezes, algumas vezes?


algum tempo = some time. às vezes = sometimes/at times. algumas vezes = umas vezes = a couple of times


Why does "para" need to be used here? I am assuming that "pensar" means to think, and that the sentence doesn't need para.


I was taught that "para" with an infinitive often means "in order to" Here: "I need some time 'in order to think;'" which in English vernacular becomes "to think"


Is "um pouco de tempo" acceptable, as well ? Also I'm not quite sure what's the difference between "para" and "por".


they can be interchangeable, but "algum tempo" = some time/ "um pouco de tempo" =a little time. As for the prepositions, it's hard to define since it changes depending on the verb. However, a simple, but not general rule, is: para = for, to / por = by, per, a, for


hahaha... Here we go again with the prepositions. This is no doubt what distinguishes a non-native from a native speaker ;)


Exactly.... not to mention phrasal verbs in English. In the past, I used to ask myself whether natives could use them with no problem...and yes! it happens. It didn't make me very happy since anyone would notice how my constructions would sound weird... well... why not to use new verbs instead of adding prepositions that change the meaning... my conclusion: C'est la vie!


Yeah, non-English speakers often tell me that it's the phrasal verbs in English that they find to be the most difficult aspect of learning English.


Also, but I'd add to it the use of "in, on, at". Well, why not only one as "em" in Portuguese... :S

I keep mixing them up...


Why is "I need some time for thinking" not right? Seems like a more literal translation, but is it also incorrect?


Why does "I need some time for thinking" not work?

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