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"A satisfação de encontrar alunos antigos é enorme."

Translation:The satisfaction of meeting old students is enormous.

June 24, 2013



Surely, 'finding former students' is the best translation. A teacher is unlikely to find 'old students'; that would make the teacher ancient! Isn't 'l'ancienne regime' idiomatic for 'the former regime'?


This error is still around 4 years later. Sorting it and similar errors would help restore some of the credibility lost in the Crowns fiasco!................... Today "in meeting" was marked incorrect and yet that is how an educated native English speaker would say it. "of" isn't incorrect it is just that "in" is more correct, more natural English


I translated the sentence with "the satisfaction of finding old classmates is huge". Is this a correct translation, or does this sentence only apply to meeting students who are old?


The students are probably old, students who have studied long time ago. Maybe they haven't accepted due to the use of "finding" instead of "meeting" and "classmates" instead of "students/pupils"


I figured based on the context of the sentence that former classmates were reuniting after a long time so that's why I wrote the sentence like that, but I can see how it wouldn't be accepted since "classmates" is "colegas".

One of the hover hints for "encontrar" is "find", but "achar" also means "find". In what cases is it acceptable to use "encontrar" to mean "find"?


"achar/encontrar" can be translated as "find". But "achar" is also used to mean "think". You (most of time) find things and meet people


Ah, thanks - that's good to know! In this case, could "encontrar" mean "find" if the old students had lost contact with one another for a long time and they had just found each other again, or would a different word that means "find" be used in a sentence such as "After years of searching for him online, I finally found my old college roommate"?


Yes, if you found a kind of online personal profile, so you "found" him. "Encontrar" works this way too, for "find" and "meet", not "to think". In Spanish, "encontrar" also means "to think": No lo encuentro bueno" = i dont think it is good.


On a side note...have you seen the Brazilian movie COLEGAS? It's brilliant!


Does it sound a bit too formal in the Portuguese as it does in the English?


I don't think so. But antigos here is really awkward.


It is in English also and that is why ex-classmates would be a better word in this case.


is that wrong in english : The satisfaction to meet ancient students is huge. i used to + inf instead of of + gerondive ...


Meeting some old students shouldn't be wrong...


Please, some native can help me? Is it wrong to say "encountering" in this case? Like "the satisfaction of encountering old students is enormous"?


I'm not a native speaker of Portuguese, but Spanish was my first language, and "encontrar" can be translated as "to encounter" in Spanish. Just to be sure, I checked wordreference.com and it lists "encounter" as one possible translation for "encontrar" in Portuguese. http://www.wordreference.com/pten/encontrar


IMHO normal English usage would be to say: 'satisfaction from meeting' rather than 'of'.

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