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"I see the border between the countries."

Translation:Ik zie de grens tussen de landen.

November 1, 2014



Why is "Ik zie de grens tussen de landen in" not correct?


That would suggest something physical in between the countries, e.g. het Kanaal ligt tussen Groot-Brittannië en Frankrijk in = the English Channel is in between Great-Brittain and France. A border is not something physical (a line is not three dimensional).

More in general:

Tussenin (adjective) can only mean something in between objects or in time between things, e.g. de vrouw staat tussen twee meisjes in = the woman is standing in between two girls, ik zit tussen twee banen in = I am in between two jobs = I am unemployed

Tussen (preposition) can roughly have all the meanings tussenin has (but is less defined e.g. de vrouw staat tussen de meisjes = the woman is standing amongst the girls), but also any abstract relationship like tussen hen gaat het goed = their relationship is well/they get along well (lit. between them it goes well), tussen die berg kleren zit vast iets schoons = amongst that pile of clothes there will probably be something clean, de buit werd verdeeld tussen de criminelen = the loot was split amongst the criminals, het verschil tussen geniaal en gek is miniem = the difference between genius and crazy is minimal/tiny.


Thanks! This explains a lot.

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