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  5. "I ask the mayor a question."

"I ask the mayor a question."

Translation:Ik stel de burgemeester een vraag.

November 2, 2014



is "ik vraag de burgemeester een vraag" really incorrect, or does it just sound weird? vraggen is a verb, right?


Grammatically, it's probably okay... but you just don't say it that way in Dutch. "to ask (somebody) a question is "(iemand) een vraag stellen".


When does vraag mean ask then?


If you're asking (someone) when, where, why, how, etc. you use "vragen".

  • Ik vraag (hem) waarom.... (I ask (him) why....)
  • Zij vraagt (mij) wanneer.... (She asks (me) when...)

If you're asking whether something is the case, you use "vragen".

  • Hij vroeg of... (He asked if/whether...)

You can use it for requests as well (asking for something).

  • Ik vroeg (om) geld. (I asked for money.)
  • Jullie vragen ons om later te komen. (You ask us to come later.)


ahhh, ok! thank you! :)


Think of it as "posing" a question rather than asking one. That's how I remembered it when I first started learning German a decade ago. Since "stellen" means to stand (something), I created the mental image of physically placing a question upright before my listener.

P.S. "vragen" only has one G because it has a long a sound.


Could I also say "Ik stel een vraag (aan / voor) de burgemeester"?


Aan - Yes, voor - no.


Could one use a preposition before "de burgemeester"? If so, which preposition would it be?


It depends how you decide to phrase it:

Ik stel de burgemeester een vraag= I ask the mayor a question

In this example, the Direct Object is placed after the Indirect Object, so: S+V+IO+DO

Ik stel een vraag aan de burgemeester= I ask a question to the mayor

In this other example, the Direct Object is placed before the Indirect Object, so: S+V+DO+IO, and we need to include aan/to before the IO.

In both cases:

S= ik

V= stel

DO= een vraag

IO= de burgemeester

Hope this helps.


Yes, you could use 'aan' before 'burgemeester', but the Dutch are lazy so they mostly leave 'aan', because it is shorter (and also correct) like this


I'm Dutch and instead of "stel" is "vraag" also the correct answer


What do you mean? 'Ik vraag de burgemeester een vraag.' is certainly not correct Dutch.

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