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How can I go back to the previous setup for skills progress? The recently changed setup is not helpful or as flexible as it used to be. Not as much fun to use anymore.

October 2, 2012



Thanks! This is useful. We're about to add refresh this skill back.


This set up is a joke - the sentences you have to translate have nothing to do with the skills you have just been learning. You have removed the 'refresh the skill' option and the option to take a test at the end of the skill. What is the replacement? The real world translations would be fine if they: 1. Related to what you were learning 2. Everyone could actually do them. Half of the translation section people can't even do anymore because enough other people have done it already. I am taking learning German very seriously and found the old system worked brilliantly for me. There should be an option to go back to the old set up.


I agree that the fun element seems to have disappeared. That was a major attraction of Duolingo.


Ditto... rose...elf.

My thoughts exactly. Thanks for saying it so well.


We've tested the new setup quite heavily and found that people stick around for longer with it. Give it a try!


This system has not been working long enough to judge user preference.


I want to be able to see all the lesson groups of a subject so that I can practice those words etc. that are giving me trouble. I also want to be able to do a test at the end of each subject and to be able to come back to those tests for refreshing knowledge. This new system is really discouraging and not encouraging.

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