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Dovahzul (Requirements for creating a course?)

I want to start off by saying I'm an avid gamer and I am in love with Skyrim!

In fact, my friend and I love it so much that we were thinking about taking up learning Dovahzul. Unfortunately, being a fictional (And fairly new language), there aren't a lot of sources for properly learning it. After a fairly decent search (This was a while back, now it's the first result) I found a website with a Dovahzul Dictionary. The language in the game has a somewhat limited vocabulary, but the website has a community that is constantly adding to the language. As of August 9th, the dictionary has reached 5000 words!

Now the reason I'm posting this here is because I had a few questions.

Under the course contributor it states that a person has to be bilingual.

We are not bilingual (We actually don't know any at the moment) but we are hoping that if we were able to develop this course that we could make a tool that can teach people the language fluently.

The problem is because we do not know the language, we'd just be taking it straight from the dictionary.

(As I'm typing this he is actually singing the opening music from Skyrim.)

Time isn't a problem for me as I only have classes for 4 hours a week, although he is still in high school so he is a bit more limited in time.

We are looking forward to your answer and hope you accept our offer.

Lig kuz daar kotin graav lor. :)

November 2, 2014

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I am not from Duo but there is a high demand for new languages and AFAIK there is little chance of this language being accepred for a number of reasons, and one massive reason is that you do not know the language. I cannot imagine how you could create a Dovahzul couse (or any other course) from just having access to a dictionary. The essence of most languages is derived from the grammar which provides rules on how those words are strung together to produce intelligable sentences. And in my opinion you are unlikely to find this is a dictionary.

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