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  5. Cavolo! You are out of hearts.


Cavolo! You are out of hearts.

I was wondering was this meant so I looked it up and all I could find was "cabbage" and similar things. Now I'm curious as to why the owl says "cabbage" when you run out of hearts. Does it mean something else?

June 25, 2013


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http://www.wordreference.com/iten/cavolo translates "cavolo!", rather charmingly, as "holy mackerel!". Basically, a mild expression of annoyance, like "darn it!". I've never actually heard an Italian say "cavolo"... unfortunately I can't tell you what they do say, because I think those words aren't allowed on Duolingo :)


Haha. It's okay, I know those ones from Assassin's Creed :P


To be subtle, "cavolo" is what you expect to say when you fail the lesson ;D


Well, yes, this is true :P

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