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  5. "My brother is lazy."

"My brother is lazy."

Translation:Tá mo dheartháir leisciúil.

November 2, 2014



Why is falsa not accepted?


Because the course creators didn’t anticipate it as a correct answer. When opportunity allows for you, use the Report a Problem button to bring it to their attention.


I thought this was one of those times you were supposed to use the copula, I thought I finally got it ._.


Think about the copula as an equals sign. For the most part, you use is to link two nouns or pronouns together saying either what or who something or someone is. "Lazy" is a quality or state of being, so we use "ta." If you wanted to that "your brother = a lazy person" - stating the kind of person he is - then you would use the copula.


For a subjective predicative adjective, it would have to be exclamatory to be able to use the copula — Is leisciúil é mo dheartháir! — otherwise, gets used.

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