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"Questa è l'amica a cui ho dato la chiave."

Translation:This is the friend to whom I have given the key.

November 2, 2014



i translated the sentence without ending in a preposition, which is more grammatically correct in English than the given translation, and was marked as incorrect.


It should have been marked correct, but the preposition rule is actually borrowed from Latin and foisted (relatively recently) on English, a Germanic language, in which it is an unnatural and artificial construction. That's why it sounds pedantic to say "to whom I have given," and why the spoken language usually puts the preposition at the end, rather than contorting itself to follow a Latin rule. The issue is that Latin was thought to be better and more "logical" than English. That's silly, though, and in any case, all languages are "logical" - they have their own rules and function by them; if they were not inherently "logical" they could not function at all. Linguistically speaking, there is nothing wrong at all with ending with a preposition in English. The Scandinavian languages (much closer relatives to English than Latin is) do it all the time. But yes, putting the preposition at the end should not have lost you a heart.


"Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put." - Winston Churchill ;)


Having used 'gave' for this, it was one of those many Duo sentences that make me think 'I am so bad at English'... Followed by, 'wait who actually talks like this!'


In my opinion, "gave" is a valid translation here. The past perfect "have given" may be the literal translation, but it's rarely used in English, except say where you need to stress that something happened and finished before something else.


Questa è l'amica = This is the friend f.
a cui = to whom
ho dato = I gave/have given
la chiave = the key

This is the friend to whom I gave the key.


"This is the friend who I gave the key" was not accepted but should be in my opinion. Ommitting the preposition "to" in this context is perfectly acceptable in spoken English. (Native speaker.)


"this is the friend to whom I have given the key" was rejected March '19. Reported.

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