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  5. "The girl plays."

"The girl plays."

Translation:Het meisje speelt.

November 2, 2014



Whoa, why is it saying the correct answer is De meid speelt? (I am assuming it's because I wrote De meisjes spelen instead of singular Het meisje speelt) But still, how many correct answers are there for one phrase?

Also, to those who wonder why meisje is used with het article instead of de, there is a rule that any deminutive (e.i. ending in -je) is used with het


Same problem with me. Why meid and not meisje???


Why meid and not meisje? In other question it was jongedame even! I asked the native speaker, those are old fashioned ones

  • Het meisje
  • De meid
  • De jongedame

If you use the wrong article, it will suggest an alternative that uses that article as it checks the sentence from left to right.


Since when is meisje a het noun? I've used de for meisje and it works up until now?


It's always a het noun. "de" isn't accepted anywhere for "meisje". This might be a bug. Could you let us know if it happens again and provide us with a screenshot?


Perhaps that was in the plural form: "de meisjeS"?

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