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Duo Goes to Malta was one of the best posts ever! :D


Usagi, it is the best post ever :)


Just out of interest, did any other post ever have sequels?


Nope. Good job and no you completely deserve to praise yourself! :)

<h1>Inti gentil wisq!</h1>


Hi, love all the work you do! By the way, do you have a blog? website? It would be nice to follow what you are up to!


I don't unfortunately, I just use everyone else's websites! Grazzi tal-inkoraġġiment tiegħek!

[deactivated user]

    How do we support? I really want this course to happen!


    Upvote, shout about it, that kind of thing. Tell people about Maltese!


    Oh and of course, learn it! If you meet any Maltese on Duolingo, redirect them to me. I love everyone's enthusiasm!


    Grazzi ħafna for all of the Maltese you give us! :)

    [deactivated user]

      I travelled to Malta a couple of years ago. Beautiful nature, an unbelievable amount of history and culture, especially on such a tiny land proud of its many heritages, and very friendly people.


      You just summed it up entirely!


      I would go for a Maltese course. It sounds awesome!


      IVA!!! Support is always needed.



      Kif qed imur l-Ispanjol?


      it's really heartwarming to see people so interested in the maltese language, especially as a native speaker of it myself! unfortunately i have to say that it's currently facing a certain decline, arising from a preference towards english. as a consequence, MANY people know much more english than they do maltese (i have been guilty of this myself), can't write maltese well (although to be fair, it is a highly difficult language to master grammatically and orthographically), or some aren't even being brought up knowing maltese at all.

      it's a very disappointing reality, but i'm super grateful of attempts like these to keep the language going! a course here for maltese would be a breath of fresh air for us native speakers, and i think it would really help to keep people interested in such a unique language.

      grazzi immens għall-kontribut tiegħek!


      I should start greek lessons on posts, since duo seems to not be able to make a course until the reverse graduates from beta


      Have a lingot and an upvote! I think Malta is a truly wonderful country. I went there three years ago randomly -- it was the only place we could affordably get flights to with two days notice(!) So I was nervous about how it would be -- I knew NOTHING about Malta at all. But I was blown away. What a beautiful and historic nation. Unique, absolutely unique. I always gush about Malta and have convinced at least one other person to visit! And the Maltese language is wonderful. Not only is it the only Semitic language written in the Roman aphabet, which is pretty cool in and of itself, but it is made up of layer-upon-layer of foreign borrowing and influence. Italian, English, and so many other languages besides. What a great language for language nerds to learn! Maltese is genuinely one of the few languages that I would consider seriously learning if it was on Duolingo.

      I would say 'Maltese will never happen' were it not for two things: (1) Irish happened, and (2) basically all Maltese speakers also speak English, and many also speak Italian. Therefore, there are huge numbers of bilinguals who might be able to contribute to the ourse (you yourself list several who have signed up).


      You really like Malta, don't you? Did you visit the Cathedrl?


      LOL! I tried to tone my post down; I could have carried on! I went pretty much everywhere. My favourite places, though, were Comino Bay, Valetta, and Mdina (sic?).



      Thank you so much for that, I love to see people being so enthusiastic about this project.I don't actually know if the ones in the list are the only ones to apply, but they're the only ones who have told me. I also, as you said, always gush about Malta. Malta does blow people away, and the course really deserves to happen soon!

      By the way, while in Malta, did you get to drink any Kinnie?


      Yes I did. Absolutely loved it! 8-D


      Hello! This is just to let you know that I added your post to list of lessons created by duo users ^^


      As a Hebrew speaker who majored in Arabic in high school and finished the Italian course here, yes.


      Grazzi, qattus iswed! That's a lot of medals.


      Great work! Very enjoyable and you make it easy to learn! I hope Duolingo develops a Maltese course some day because it would be a fascinating language to learn. It baffles me why Irish (140,000 daily fluent speakers), Esperanto and Klingon all have developed or developing courses but Maltese (500,000 daily fluent speakers) doesn't?! Keep up the good work! I'll support anyway I can until we have Maltese up and running!


      Thank you!

      Yeah, that annoys me a bit. Not that I have any objection to those languages (well, except Klingon!) - I just wish Maltese got there first!


      I agree. Esperanto and Klingon... Alas! Duolingo gives what people request so if enough of us request Maltese – who knows!


      "Duolingo gives what people request"

      [[citation needed]]

      I imagine it's a complex formula of what looks good for publicity, what people request, what they have volunteers for, and other "ingredients". I'd be surprised if the number of requests played the number one role.


      Great, another language that I really want to learn


      Grazzi! Greek lessons would be interesting. You may want to cooperate with panagiotists13.


      yeah we talk. I think that could work


      Wow! Good luck with your endeavors! Have a lingot!


      Grazie mille!

      Grazzi ħafna!

      Sei italiano?


      Ah, fantastico! Lo sto imparando, come puoi vedere.


      Il tuo italiano è molto buono. Se hai bisognio di aiuto, o se voi praticare, puoi sempre messagiarmi!

      [deactivated user]

        StrapsOption, a person who truly loves their language and country. I wish many of us were at least somewhat as inspired.


        Sorry, very late reply, just noticed your comment. Malta is easy to love!

        [deactivated user]

          You're right. And it's not too late anyway! ;)


          Hi ,

          I am Maltese and I got my children age 9 and 6 to learn French on Duolingo and they are really enjoying the app and learning at the same time. Then I thought that my kids could really use Duolingo in Maltese as it would help them to learn the basics of the language in a fun way. My kids are English speaking and find Maltese really hard to learn. I am trying different ways to expose them to the language but the basics are still difficult for them esp my 6 year old who is not interested to learn Maltese.

          Duolingo in Maltese would be a fantastic tool to have and I am sure a lot of other Maltese parents who have English speaking children and find Maltese difficult would find this app a blessing for their young ones.

          A Maltese Duolingo is thus not only a great idea for foreigners but a better idea of the great number of young Maltese children who struggle to learn and speak Maltese. Independent private schools could also use the app as a tool.

          Let me know if you need me to promote this.


          Great reasons, thank you very much for this comment. Help in promotion would be really appreciated.

          It must be hard getting your kids to learn it. Would you consider applying for the Incubator?


          Hopefully not too much longer... :)


          I'm Maltese and had applied for the incubator last year, but I can't see the language anymore. Was it removed?


          Oh no... :( I hope they'll put it back in the incubator!


          I guess they changed their priorities or something like that. But I hope we can see maltese soon


          Just found out that Malta has a mild climate and that it would be good to retire there as the cost of living is reasonable and there are lots of things to do there. Wish Duolingo would have a language tree for this! Plus, since someone mention the language is in decline Duolingo could help preserve it like it did Irish. There are more Duolingo students studying Irish than the total population in Ireland I've been told.


          Exactly. The maltese speaking population is almost half a million and if duolingo adds it, it would boom its speakers a lot


          This is a great thing! I'm thinking to start something similar!


          I have no idea if this is the right or best place for this...

          when I moved into the place where I live now the previous tenant left behind some stuff - including a pair of books on learning Maltese (aimed at English speakers). one is a textbook and the other is the matching / corresponding workbook. the textbook covers vocabulary and grammar over 24 topics - it has paragraphs or even pages of text in Maltese, so it looks like it is super intense. it does touch on pronunciation as well. I haven't looked at the workbook at all though.

          I have no need for them, and normally I would just take them to a recycling shop - they're in pristine condition but I knew there wasn't a course on here, so I wondered if somebody might be able to make use of them. I'm not sure how I'd get it to you but that can be worked out later.


          Hi everyone, when do you think the Maltese language course will be ready? Do you have any updates about it? It would be very interesting to learn.

          Grazzi ħafna!

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