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Das ist mir egal?

How does "Das ist mir egal" mean "I do not care?" Could you give me the meanings of "egal" besides identical and no matter. :)

October 2, 2012



I think German has borrowed the word "egal" from French "égal". "Egal" is related to the English word "equal" (=the same), so the sentence literally means "This is (all) the same to me", i.e. "I do not care/mind".

Generally, "egal" is only used in the sense of "I don't care". In sentences like "All men are equal", you wouldn't use "egal" in German but a different word: "Alle Menschen sind gleich".

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@Katherle: The first part of your answer is correct, ie. "das ist mir egal" is "that is all the same to me"; but the word "egal" is also used in another context as in the sentence "das ist egal" with the (neutral) meaning "it makes no difference" as for example in a sentence like "Soll ich um 3 oder um 4 kommen?/Should I come at three or at four o´clock? possible answer "das ist egal, die Party geht den ganzen Nachmittag"/"That makes no difference=you can come at any time you like, we will party all afternoon..." Noch viel Spaß!


Your example follows under the rule of using egal as indifferent - for egal as equality, I assume katherle has right.


Thank you very much


the literal translation is 'It is to me the same'. It means, I don't care or it doesn't matter to me.


'das ist mir egal' translates to " it is equal to me", 'same difference', 'it's all the same to me.' where 'Alle Menschen sind Gleich' translates to "all men are similar" = "all men are the same"

equal =/= similar


For German Czech speakers: “das ist mir egal” → “to je jedno” or “to je mi jedno”?

Or in other words, is “das ist mir egal” more intensive, with a hint of “…and I don't care” compared to “das ist egal”?

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