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Are they the same?: Sowie and Sobald


I've come across the below example:

  • Ich spreche mit deinem Mann sowie er fährt.

Here, duolingo translastes "sowie" as "as soon as", for which it has been using "sobald" since the beginning.

I've thought "sowie" meant "as well as", or "and also".

My question here is:

  • Does sowie also mean "as soon as"?
  • If that's the case, are they interchangeable?
  • If not, what's would be the difference between "sowie" and "sobald"?

Thank you!

October 2, 2012


  1. Does sowie also mean "as soon as"? Yes. See the entry for "sowie" here: http://en.pons.eu/

  2. "Sobald" can only mean "as soon as", whereas "sowie" can mean either "as soon as" or "as well as" depending on the context. In the sense of "as soon as", "sobald" and "sowie" are interchangeable, although I think "sobald" is more commonly used.


Thank you Katherle!

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