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A friendly Print-View of vocabulary words would be such a useful improvment

Hello! I find myself not once coping vocabulary lists from specific lessons, then fight Office-Word to get it look right and add english definitions and such. (you know, in order to carry the lists with me and practice)

so I thought - why not make a Print View for any vocabulary list ahead? with definitions and the verb's group maybe (like ir-er - in french) that would be so useful, even for users to copy the thing to another text program, and edit it the way they want. right now it's a lot (a lot!) of work to do that.

I really appreciate this site! hope I made a good idea :)

June 25, 2013



I fully support this. I've always found the vocabulary section a little less intuitive than the rest of the site and would welcome any further expansion on it.

Perhaps it would be useful to be able to export the vocab list to a spreadsheet or something with the various attributes such as strength, skill, etc. But at bare minimum, a print view would be excellent.


I totally agree! Also, it would be VERY helpful to have the gender of the words along with the word on the vocabulary list- it currently does not.


I was really hoping for a vocab list or even a set of online flashcards.


Agree! A vocabulary printout with the English translation would be great. I would like to see the gender of nouns included. With verbs, it would be helpful if the infinitive form was shown too.


This entire program is terrific! One thing that would make the learning a lot faster would be a printable vocabulary list.

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