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In what way lingots are useful ?

Hi, I am new and I am trying to know the website and the system. Thanks to inform me and help me in my journey :) !

November 2, 2014

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Lingots are simply there to motivate users to practice their languages on Duolingo more and to allow them to buy "power-ups" in the Lingot Store that can make their Duolingo experience more fun (such as getting more lingots by keeping up a streak, allowing them to buy a streak freeze to freeze their streak if they're going somewhere, etc.). Otherwise they really have no other purpose.

If you want, I can translate this to French.


To add to what Blanche has said, you can also give them to people in the discussion forums, as I have just done for you (please don't give them back, I have 1820). Once you've run out of stuff in the lingot store, this can be quite fun :)


wow, thts alot of lingots!!!! (BTW, totally not meaning i want some, just saying...)


How did you do to get so much lingots ? I have only 6 of them ( I admit that I spend all my lingots by purchasing useless stuff also :P)


Well, I just calculated that my streak has given me 703, which doesn't include streak wagers. And I don't really use the heart refill things. Basically, I think they're hard to get when you're just starting, but once you've been on here a couple of months they start to pile :)


Oh thanks ! Its been only 2 weeks that I am here so I don't really know what it makes to have a lot of useless lingots. PS: If you need some help with French you can ask me, I am a French native speaker :)

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