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"De jongen eet een appel."

Translation:The boy eats an apple.

3 years ago



Does "eet" means eat and eats ???

3 years ago


eet is only for 1,2,3rd persons . In this case jongen (hij)

Ik eet jij eet hi,zij eet wij eten jullie eten zij eten

1 year ago


Is this strictly a simple present tense, or would a present continuous translation ("The boy is eating an apple") work as well?

3 years ago

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That works as well, Dutch is a lot more lenient when it comes to tenses. Either continuous (De jongen is een appel aan het eten) or simple present tense (De jongen eet een appel) can be used in Dutch where only present continuous is correct in English (The boy is eating an apple).

3 years ago


I thought for a moment I was being asked to translate "The youngin ate an apple." into Dutch.

3 years ago