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Problem with double-or-nothing feature?

OK dear Duolingo folks, what have you done to my double-or-nothing feature? Every day I reach my coach goals and my streak gets its green checkmark and goes up just like it should. But my double-or-nothing just sits on Day 0! I placed the bet a few days ago. Why is it stuck on Day 0 when it shoud be showing progress every day?

November 2, 2014



Why don't you report it to the Support tab? Also, I think it's helpful to send screenshots to them.


My son had the same problem. After a week, he got the lingots from the wager, it reset to 0 and started a new wager. However, with the second wager, the counter worked.

I have no idea what happened.


OK, MrsBlakeney, I decided to wait and see if the same thing would happen to me - and it did! I got my ten lingots today. But the wager button is still inactive, so I can't make another wager for the next 7 days. If the button is still inactive tomorrow, I will report it as Ivatina suggested.

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