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"Hvem er i stand til at forklare systemet til mig?"

Translation:Who is able to explain the system to me?

November 2, 2014



'To explain x to y' is not 'at forklare x til y' but 'at forklare x FOR y'. But even that is bad Danish. 'Hvem er i stand til at forklare mig det?' would be much better. Further: We don't say: 'er i stand til'. It's correct, strictly speaking, but we don't speak like that. The correct, idiomatic translation of 'Who is able to explain the system to me?' is: Hvem kan forklare mig systemet?

November 2, 2014


Ok, I was about to ask why "Who can explain me the system" is considered wrong, but it seems to me that the sentence just doesn't make sense to start with...

May 1, 2018


Why is this wrong: "Who is capable of explaining the system to me"

June 23, 2016


"Hvem kan forklare mig systemet?" Although 'kunne' CAN mean 'to be capable of', it doesn't (really) carry that meaning in this sentence. In stead, this is a 'please'-question, and the meaning is: 'Who would like to (please) explain the system to me?' Danish often uses questions where English would use 'please'.

Another example of the same thing: Idiomatic Danish: 'Kan jeg ikke få dig til at åbne et vindue'? Literally: 'Can't I get you to open a window'? Idiomatic English: 'Please open a window'.

In short: A Dane using 'kunne' like this is not inquiring whether you have a certain capability, rather he is asking for a favor. :)

June 24, 2016


I did exactly the same. So yeah, why is it wrong?

January 15, 2019


Consider my reaction deleted.

January 15, 2019


My translation was "Who are able to explain the system to me" which was marked wrong. But I think that "hvem er" can also have a plural meaning, even if in most contexts the singular seems more appropriate.

June 25, 2017
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