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  5. "Das Essen ist international."

"Das Essen ist international."

Translation:The food is international.

June 25, 2013



I am guessing this means - the food is from outside the country you are in now. I would never say this, I would probably use the word 'foreign' or more than likely specify the country of origin. Would use international only if it was a lot of food from many different countries. Phew!


I actually understand the German sentence as your second interpretation: The dishes are from several different countries, like a buffet with Greek, Italian, Indian, Thai etc food.


good point! I will go with that if I see it again. If I do get to use it in real life at least there might be a good eating opportunity


I just assumed it meant "fusion cuisine", which is indeed food from many different countries -- often techniques or spices from various countries combined into one dish, or served in a complementary fashion.

Heck, it happens in my own kitchen, though in a less sophisticated way. We got the German, the Sicilian, the Florentine, the plain old New Englander, we've got Mrs Chiang's cookbook, all the condiments and spices to go with, and we're not keeping them carefully separate, either.


I don't understand why the second "t" in "international" is pronounced like a "z".


All nouns ending in -tion are pronounced like that in German: Produktion, Deduktion, Nation... all sound like '-zion'. In English, it is rather pronounced like a 'sh' sound, and not like a 't' either.


Yup. You've got that right

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To my mind international is word you see in Europe on restaurant menus to make Americans think they will serve hamburgers


"Food is international" was marked incorrect. The definite article was required. How would you write "Food is international" in German?


Without an article.


But wouldn't that mean "To eat is international"?


You can understand it both ways, although I would say "Zu essen ist international" for your sentence. If you want to be clear on the other interpretation, use another noun for food like "Nahrung", "Lebensmittel", "Speisen", depending on what you mean with your sentence.


Concerning the word, Das, How do you know when to say, that, and when to say, the?


If you have no noun after it, "the" makes no sense, so it's "that":

Das ist gut = That is good. (The is good makes no sense)

If you have a noun after it, it's best to assume it's the article, at least in writing:

Das Essen ist gut = The food is good

There is nothing that indicates that "das" is supposed to be a demonstrative here. If you hear the sentence, and someone means "that food", he would stress the "das" very, very strongly. But unless someone tries to emulate the stress by typing

Das Essen ist gut

you would just read it as an article. Because of that, you would rather use

Dieses Essen ist gut

in writing to make the difference clear.


Okay, that makes sense, thanks!


Why is the word foreing not interchangeable with international in this context? Just curious but i feel like this would work.


It means Iranian KEBAB


Why do you think Iranian Kebab is an international food? you find roasted beef in many countries in various shapes from Turkey to USA. some variants even have the name of "Kebab". but the truth is that the name and least of all the food is not recognized as Iranian cousine anywhere in the world. Even "Kale Pache" is not universally regocgnized as an Iranian cousine. there is no such think as international food.


Das Essen=the food,essen=eat


Linguistically, is the word "international" an English word adopted by German, or a German word adopted by English?


This word was coined by an English speaker, but was subsequently widely adopted by other languages, including German, which probably got it directly from English.

But national, for example, probably entered German either via French or directly from Latin.


I answered " the food is international" the "t" was not a majuscule" T" It makes the answer wrong?

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I tried to listen to the second word, and I don't catch it as Essen. It sounds like ist or isst. Is it only I who hear it like that?? hmm...


Speech generator made it sound almost sarcastic.


Italians: Pizza is pizza


Why doesn't Duolingo accept "The cuisine is international"? That's much more natural in English.

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