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  5. "Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch."

"Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch."

Translation:I do not eat red meat.

June 25, 2013



Now "rotes"?? Does anyone have a link to an article explaining "Rot, rote, roten, rotes"?


To put it simply (there are some more rules than this...)

Rot comes when it is "....ist rot". (Such as Mein Rock ist rot)

Rote is for feminine or plural nouns, such as Eine rote Katze [a red cat] or Rote Hüte [red hats]

Roten is for masculine.

Rotes comes before neuter nouns, such as Ein rotes Boot [a red boat].


Thank you so much


viele danke dir! it's gonna take a while to get a hang of it. : |
das ist ein lingöt für dich. :)


Thanks for this!


no, and that is one problem with this program--there are very few grammatical notes or explanations. It is like trying to crack a code.


Stimmt! Which is why I appreciate the comments in the discussion! :-)


Yup. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_declension. You have to look at it for a while, or look up a youtube video on adjective endings.


does "rotes Fleisch" mean exactly the same thing that "red meat" does in English, or is this another strange Duolingo sentence?


In the sense that it's used as a category? Yes. But according to German Wikipedia pork is considered rotes Fleisch whereas it's often considered a "white meat" in English, so it's not exactly the same.


What is the difference in meaning, if any, between: "Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch"; and; "Ich esse rotes Fleisch nicht"?


There is no difference in meaning, just the flow of the latter one is a little awkward.


Then are correct the two forms?


Yes, as is the same in English. You could say Both: I do not eat red meat OR I eat no red meat.


Kein is generally used for nouns, nicht for verbs.


The duolingo on the internet has a section at the bottom of most lessons called tips and notes. They have all or most of the info you need


I wrote "i never eat red meat" but it was marked wrong. Doesn't kein indicate an indefinite no (never) rather than just at the time?


I kind of see what you mean, but in this case if they wanted to put the word Never in the sentence, they will use the german Nie/Niemals (never).

I think one of the highest goals of Duolingo is to make people learn to translate Accurately. Good luck with this one ;-)


"I never eat red meat" would be "Ich esse nie rotes Fleisch". Even though the meaning is similar there is a different stress. Nie puts the stress on the time aspect. Whereas kein is more matter of fact, meaning: I don't eat meat which happens to be red.


Is it "kein" and not "keine", "keines", etc. simply becuase Fleisch is neuter (das)?


yep :)

p.s. i like your avatar


magst du Lollipops? xD


ich mag den traurigen Frosch


Its awesome.And finally duolingo is making me tell the truth


Does that mean: I eat only white poultry, or does it mean: The meat must be well done?


It means neither of those things. It simply means "I don't eat red meat". It says nothing about whether they also eat white meat or how they like their meat cooked. But rotes Fleisch is a general term for beef, lamb, venison, etc.


Is it correct to say," Ich esse keines rotes Fleisch?"


No, either "Ich esse kein(e)s." or "Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch. " If somebody asks: "Was halten Sie von (or what do you think about) rotem Fleisch?" then the answer could be: "Ich esse keins." If he asks: "Möchten Sie ein saftiges Steak, kurz gebraten?" (Short fried in a pan) then the answer could be: "Nein danke. Ich esse kein rotes Fleisch. "


This was my question as well, and I think I understand the answer. But why was there a sentence before saying "Du hast einen blauen Mantel."? Why do you not put the ending on "Kein" but you do on "Ein"?


You put an Ending there as well:
Du hast einen blauen Mantel.
Du hast keinen blauen Mantel.

The difference here is that "das Fleisch" is neuter, and the accussative form of neuter "ein" is still "ein":
Du hast ein blaues Auto.
Du hast kein blaues Auto.


Ķein means "not a". Why then "I don't eat a read meat" is incorrect answer?


I do not eat ROTTEN MEAT


Ya aber rotten mest ist gut


Flesh should be accepted too ! I know it sounds a bit creepy but still :/


It hurt to type that sentence.


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