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"Dois cartões de crédito são melhores que um."

Translation:Two credit cards are better than one.

June 25, 2013



I know these are random sentences but... maybe Duolingo should cut back on the bad advice.


I was thinking, and no credit cards are better than two!


Nah, I used to think that, until I moved to US. Apparently if you have enough money and don't need to borrow it, you don't get any credit history, and it makes your life super difficult.


Apparently, having a crippling debt is a basic requirement in the states !


Yeah I only own a credit card because it's basically required. I hate the whole system and find it stupid but "that's just the way the world works." The only positive of using it is my 1% cashback, so I "earn" money by paying bills.


The sentence I got after this one was "A dívida aumenta cem mil euros cada ano" (or something to that effect). I wonder how that happened.


Duolingo, brought to you by the people at Mastercard.


LOL and this is the kind of thinking that led to the recession....great advice


Flight to Mexico: 1000 $ Hotel daily fare: 80$ Lunch: 25$ Learning spanish on your own with duolingo: No price tag.

There are things that money can't buy, for all the others, two credit cards are better than one.


Fundamentally unsound financial advice right there.


Not necessarily. If you max out both and don't pay them off, sure, but having two can help keep your credit utilization low, which only helps your score.


Not really. Credit cards are a secure but unreliable form of payment - far safer than carrying cash but for a number of reasons can end up not being accepted for a perfectly valid transaction. At that point you need another or things can get annoying.


Getting back to Portuguese :) I would have said ... melhor do que um. Is that not better? Is ir wrong?


It's also right and commonly used.


Is "cartões de crédito" credit lines, or credit cards?


Linhas de crédito are credit lines


dois cartões de credito são melhores do que um...... Would this be a good translation as wel?

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