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New words in Strengthen skills

When I do lessons, I don't encounter all the words that are listed there. For example, lesson 2 in Food has 6 (7?) words (bois, l', eau, alcool, œuf, oignon, salade). I did that lesson 4 times and still didn't see 2 of them. The same thing applies to other lessons. Well, it didn't really bother me until I decided to do timed practice in Strengthen skills. And there I saw a bunch of new words. Is it supposed to be that way?

November 3, 2014

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I think there are many sentences which test your knowledge of the listed words and there must be a certain randomness in selecting these words (otherwise you would always get the same questions) so in the 20 questions which each lesson comprises, there will always be the possibility of missing some of the words in the list.

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