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Questions about streaks

This was a weird blip of a day, had a good streak going, but lost it somehow. I did a couple exercises on my phone while offline, but they did not register when I came back online, which was one issue. The other was that duolingo seemed to end Sunday an hour early, maybe because of the whole daylight saving time thing happening this weekend.

So, question:

When does the day start and end on duolingo? I thought it was local time but maybe not...

Also, can one do exercises offline and have them count? Mine didn't show up at all, and the phone even reverted back saying I hadn't done them once it reconnected with the duolingo servers.

November 3, 2014



I believe you do need to be online and the Day starts and ends according to the time in the place where and when you first set up your duolingo account. (I do not believe it changes for daylight savings time. So the day might end an hour earlier for some months.) I was wrong, it does go by the time of the location where you set up your account, but my account did respond to change in daylight savings time and did not change at the previous time but at the correct time for this location now. I use my phone as well as my computer, but I am using it on wifi and am online. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Streak


I can confirm that it goes by where you set up your account. I was in Romania when I first set mine up, and now that I'm back in the US, my day switches over at 4:00 PM. As for DST, since Romania ends DST before the US does, this time changed to 5:00 for a few days. Now that both countries are using standard time, however, I believe that it's back to 4:00.

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