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Can't progress beyond Adverbs 2

For 2 days I've been trying to move on to the next level, but it won't unlock. All of the sentences at the translation page are checked off, but it won't check it off on the overall chart for that level and let me move on. Also, the "challenge" translations is suggests are WAY too hard. Very discouraging. I used to love practicing, but now spend all my time trying to figure out how to get the website to work and am not learning any French. How can I move on to further lessons?

October 2, 2012



Yeah same, my friends all have accounts and although we have learn the topic, it wont allow us to progress onto the next stage. Weird right? Glad to hear its not just me. Maybe i'll send an e-mail to customer service, and see what they says.


Sorry about that, your skills should be unlocked now... Thanks for your feedback.


I have completed German Basics 1 'phrases' but can't get further. Do I need to go over 'Strengthening skills' before progressing?

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