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"The cats learn from experience that they never learn anything from experience."

Translation:De katten leren uit ervaring dat ze nooit iets leren uit ervaring.

November 3, 2014



Would the following word order be fine as well? "De katten leren uit ervaring dat ze nooit iets uit ervaring leren."


Yes. That is what I wrote, and it was accepted.


I have learned from experience that I only learn these types of feline facts from my experiences using Duolingo.


Confused again! Since "that they never learn anything from experience" is a subordinate clause, so isn't the verb (leren) placed at the end? Obviously not, but I don't understand this.


Adverbs and adverbial preposition phrases can sometimes fall outside the verb-at-the-end rule. For what it's worth, as noted above a year ago, Duolingo accepted "De katten leren uit ervaring dat ze nooit iets uit ervaring leren."


Oké, I can obey the word order and the sentence will be correct with the verb at the end. BUT in the cases where another word order as this one is possible, is there a second rule to follow? For instance, I tried to break the sentence into 2 SVOs (...dat ze leren nooit iets), that didn't work. What about "dat ze uit ervaring nooit iets leren" or "dat uit ervaring ze nooit iets leren"? Are we stuck with "I feel this is right or wrong"?


Could anyone please explain why this is wrong: "De katten leren uit ervaring dat ze iets nooit uit ervaring leren"?


Nooit (as well as any adverbs of time) has to be placed before iets

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