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  5. "I do not have to say much."

"I do not have to say much."

Translation:Ik hoef niet veel te zeggen.

November 3, 2014



Waarom niet ik heb niet? ipv hoef?


Perhaps a few example sentences will help:

"I do not have to say much" = "Ik hoef niet veel te zeggen"

"I do not have much to say" = "Ik heb niet veel (om) te zeggen"

"I do not have to sell anything" = "ik hoef niets te verkopen"

"I do not have anything to sell" = ''ik heb niets (om) te verkopen''

Think of ''hoeven'' as ''to need'' (or ''to have to'') and ''hebben'' as ''to own'' or ''to possess''. So you need to pick the right verb in Dutch instead of changing the word order like in English.


Thanks! Now I get it...Now just to remember it...


That's also possible, but changes the meaning from I am not required to say much to not having the urge yourself to say much.


what's wrong with weinig?


"niet" does not negate "veel" in this sentence, it is the negation of "Ik moet veel zeggen" ("I have to say much"). Note that "hoeven" can only be used with a negation.


Why not ''moet'' instead of ''hoef''?


I think there's a difference between "I don't have to say much" (it is my option if I want to say more) and "I must not say much" (it is not my option if I want to say more, and I could be in trouble if I do, for example.)


but how can you infer that from the given sentence?


I might be completely off, but "Ik moet niet veel zeggen" would be a perfect translation if this was English-German. Wasn't accepted though (2018-08-20). Any reasons as to why this would be inacceptable?


In this case, Dutch is closer to English than to German. "Ik moet niet" means "I must not". "Ik hoef niet ... te" means "I don't have to".


why not Ik heb?


What is the difference between hoef and heb?


Not sure I understand why "om te zeggen" is wrong here.


Because the verb here is "hoeven". "om" is unnecessary. The same with "durven" and most cases of "hebben". https://www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Te-%2B-infinitive-verbs/tips-and-notes Check the 3rd rule.


Ik heb geen te veel zeggen


How would one say "i do not have much to say?" The exercise literally translates to that, but its not the answer in the exercise.

  • I do not have much to say = Ik heb niet veel te zeggen
  • I do not have to say much = Ik hoef niet veel te zeggen


can anyone explain when we should use whether "hoeven" or "moeten"? Even "moeten" is confusing since it translated as "have to, must to"; how come we can understand that it is the right time for "hoeven"?

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