"Ela pode terminar esse livro."

Translation:She can finish that book.

June 25, 2013



Esse hints at this and that. that is accepted, but this is not. I reported, but can someone explain the different determiners for space like this, these, that, those?

I have seen:
esse, essa, isto, ista, isso, estas, este, estes, esta, aquele

June 25, 2013


I tried to do that here: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/536217 but bear in mind I'm not a native speaker.

June 25, 2013


As explained in Davu's link, just always use "that" with "esse/essa" and "this" with "este/esta" :)

July 15, 2013


ista doesn't exist, and there's "aquela" too I'm brazilian and we don't know the difference either we use isso , esse,essa,aquele,aquela only .

February 27, 2016
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