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"Har de varme sandwiches tilbage?"

Translation:Do they have hot sandwiches left?

November 3, 2014



Easy to misunderstand as "de" can also mean formal "you" normally it is spelled with a capital letter "De" but you cannot tell when you hear it.

It makes sense to ask formally "do you have any sandwiches left" "Har De nogle varme sandwiches tilbage?"

As a native Danish speaker, I would advise you to change this formulation to avoid confusion and frustration.


I'm curious - they should change it to what, exactly?


i think this could also translate as 'do they still have warm sandwiches?'


I put "Have they warm sandwiches left?" which is perfectly good English but it was marked wrong.


I put Have they any hot sandwiches left? which was also marked wrong. I really wanted to put 'toasted sandwiches' but of course in Denmark you could have a delicious hot open sandwich on a piece of untoasted bread.

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