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Real translations

Why do we now have to do real translations to progress and can no longer practice the phrases when we have learned them

October 2, 2012



I don't like it. Most phrases are very difficult for my actual level. I hope this change.


I do not like it either, I prefered to see my skills climb up progressively. Also it was nice to be able to help translate a whole document and not only random sentences (mostly difficult because they are the only left). I hope this change, but thank you for constantly making the effort to propose new things.


Thanks for the feedback! We just added back a way to practice.


I don't mind translating actual documents (helps move away from rote learning) but I'd prefer it if the documents were catered more to the current skill level.


Agree, change is good but those sentences are not adapted to our level. Thanks for your constant efforts with this site!


Agreed. I hate the change. And yes, I know that's a strong word.


Thanks so much for listening


I guess the changes are due to small amount of sentences are 'really' translated by learners. It is because real translation do not help practice words as the exercises do. Before the changes I did a lot of practice to mark a lesson as mastered but now I mark it as mastered without real mastery. My suggestion is to split a lesson into three parts: first two as in current version (basics and real translations) and the practice as in the previous version of the program. And only making done all this three steps a learner mark a lesson as mastered.

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