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"Nej, jeg taler ikke flydende dansk."

Translation:No, I do not speak fluent Danish.

November 3, 2014



I have a feeling that should I ever go to Denmark, I'm going to get a lot of use out of this sentence.


I think they would figure it out without me having to say it!


when should taler be used as opposed to snakker? i always thought it was just taler when you're talking about speaking a language, but i'm not sure


they mean the same thing but it's more a dialect thing; people on the island of Copenhagen will usually say "taler", and people on Jylland will usually say "snakker"


WHAT? Translation: I do not fluent Danish" is correct? That makes no sense. Should be, "I do not speak fluent Danish." Missing word!


Stop rubbing it in, Duolingo.


I'm confused. When saying "I don't speak [a language]", are you not supposed to use "snakke" instead of "tale" ?


Both are correct. I'm not sure of the difference, exactly. But I was talking with a dane before, and she explained to me that snakke is more informal. So, you could say "Jeg snakker ikke dansk" and "Jeg taler ikke dansk" but you wouldn't really say "snakker du dansk?". So, in the example of "Jeg taler ikke flydende dansk", you would probably be more formal in the situation where you're needing to tell someone you don't speak a language well. Using snakker instead of taler wouldn't be wrong, but taler would be more appropriate.

Men, Jeg er ikke fra danmark, og jeg taler ikke flydende dansk. I can't answer the question with absolute certainty. If a native danish speaker could chime in that would be awesome.


it's a dialectal thing; in some parts of Denmark people say "taler" ( more in the Copenhagen area), but they're pretty much interchangeable :)


How would you say "fluently", e.g. in the phrase "I don't speak Danish fluently"?


The word speak was missing inside the app (android)


ofc I get this sentence after getting a couple wrong in a row... feel like duolingo is dissing me :S


I got this sentence after two lessons in a row without any mistakes, so don't worry.


Er der noget problemer hvis man siger "jeg snakker ikke flydende dansk"? Er det det samme?

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