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To put in Danish?

I'm confused as to how the different verbs for to put work in Danish. In the course (I just finished Present 3), there are several different verbs that are translated as "to put", including "at putte", "at stille", "at lægge", and "at sætte". I'm not sure what the nuances between these words are, and sometimes exercises accept multiple ones in the translation, and sometimes they only accept one, which confuses me.

Kan nogen forklære det for mig? Tak så meget.

November 3, 2014



"Stille" is something placed vertically, for instance a vase. "Lægge" is something placed (more or less) horizontally, for instance a bag placed on the ground. "Sætte" is a bit in-between, something that is not clearly orientated one way or another, for instance a box with roughly even sides.

All of these you can also do to yourself, in which case they have decently corresponding English terms. "At sætte sig" = "to sit oneself down", "at lægge sig" = to lie onself down", "at stille sig" = "to place oneself in a standing position"

"Putte" is more generic, but probably not used as much as the alternatives. I would typically use when when inserting an object into something else, e.g. putting the GPS into the glove compartment. Also used for tucking yourself or your child under a blanket.


@eagersnap's answer is good.

Not to be evil, but the Swedish/Norwegian (don't remember which) construction "Tak så mycke" is not used in Danish; and it's also "forklare" :)


Tak for at være ond! The phrase "tack så mycket" is used in Swedish, which I had studied a bit before learning Danish. It's definitely interference. What would be a better way to say "thank you very much" in more idiomatic Danish?


I'm not Danish, but I've seen tak skal du have, mange tak, and tusind tak.

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