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Problem with phone app

Help! My Duolingo phone app has been "stuck" on "Loading" for over 24 hours. I have gone online and done several lessons to see if it would change, but it hasn't. Any solutions? I don't want to reload and start all over since I am studying three languages and have made so much progress!

Thanks for your assistance! Shelley Fargo

June 25, 2013



You should move this to to the trouble shooting tab of discussions so the engineers see it.


Reloading or restarting the app will not cause you to lose anything since your progress is tied to your account. Are you using the app on the iPhone or an Android phone?


I am using the app on an iPhone. Where is the trouble shooting tab of discussions? Thanks

  1. Click on the "Discussion" on the top bar
  2. Select "Trouble shooting" under the Sections from the right


When you click on the blue new discussion button and start filling in the subject and body of the discussion you want to leave, at the very top it says "Post to" just choose the category appropriately. General things = Duolingo, technical issues = trouble shooting, any launguage questions or concerns = the corresponding language.


Your best bet is to re-install the application.


Okay I will re-install. Thanks so much.

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