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"Níl an mótarbhealach ar an léarscáil."

Translation:The motorway is not on the map.

November 3, 2014



What would 'motorway' coorrespond to in th usa?


Freeway? Expressway? I think it's one of those highways meant for only fast traffic (no bicycles and no hitchhikers sort of thing.)


Correct (and no right turns, or maybe that's only right turns in the US!)


Why "There is no motorway on the map" was not accepted?


"There is no motorway on the map" - níl aon mhótarbhealach ar an léarscáil

"The motorway is not on the map" - níl an mótarbhealach ar an léarscáil

an mótarbhealach means "the motorway".


This used to be quite common here in Ireland! Often motorways and dual carriageways would suddenly become narrow 2 lane national roads; you can still see it on old national routes, where wide well marked roads narrow and twist in less that a me


You have that the wrong way around - the 2 lane national roads where there first, and in various places long straight section of new road with overpasses were built near the original road, and then merged into the old road, leaving the bypassed section available for local access. In some cases these upgrades are full Motorway upgrades, in some places they're just "dual carriageway".

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