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"Eu expliquei o processo para ele."

Translation:I explained the process to him.

June 25, 2013



Can this also translate as "for him"? As in, "he was the one who asked me to, not anyone else." If not, how would such a distinction be stated in portuguese?


It would be translated the same way...

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Isn't there any way to make a distinction between "to him" and "for him"? There is a subtle difference in English. Explaining TO him implies some passivity on the part of the receiver of the information - i.e. the receiver may or may not be interested. Explaining FOR him implies that the hearer may have expressed some interest or that the speaker is doing this for the benefit of the hearer.


Yeah I got marked wrong for saying "for him" when that's used just as much as "to him" in English.


Would it also be correct to say: "Eu o expliquei o processo" ?


It is incorrect. You should use "Eu lhe expliquei o processo". You use "explicar para/a + someone", that's why "lhe" should be used.


Ah, I see. Thanks so much! So would o(s) / a(s) be used only for his/hers/their and lhe(s) for (to) him/her/them?


No. They are used to refer to the same pronouns. The difference is related to the verb.

Direct verbs use "o(s)/a(s)"; indirect verbs (that require a preposition after them) use "lhe(s)":


Oh wow. This helps so much. I really appreciate your help (also in general to this community) Keep on being awesome! ;)


Thanks a lot for your acknowledgement! =)

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