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"He always takes care of saving the situation."

Translation:Ci pensa sempre lui a salvare la situazione.

June 25, 2013



'Pensa' is 'he thinks'??? This sentence asks us for 'he always takes care of'? My answer was 'prende sempre cura di.....'

Having learnt that we have to be as literal as possible with translations even if it doesn't make sense, I often do answers that don't seem right so that I do not lose a heart.

And now just lost my last heart....

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It's an idiomatic usage of pensare; for instance "ci penso io" usually means "leave it to me". Keep in mind that "take care" is idiomatic too: how can you actually "take" a care?


In this usage, is it possible to say "pensa di fare qc" or must it always be "pensa a fare qc"?

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No, when used as "take care of" pensare must be followed by a+infinitive; when using pensare di+infinitive the meaning changes to planning, considering doing something, e.g. "penso di fare una gita" (I'm thinking of having a trip).


Grazie per la spiegazione!


I don't understand why ci is used in this sentence.


Debbie - I said exactly the same thing. I didn't know about 'ci penso io' - thanks for that, Formica. :)


I had Lui sempre si occupa di salvare la situazione but it was rejected. (Reported)

By the way, isn't the ci redundant? Shouldn't this be Pensa sempre lui a salvare la situazione?

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