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See your XP total and points needed for the next level

This is a quick and (very) dirty work around for those of us that are unable to see our current XP or what's needed for the next level. I dumped the output into an alert box to accommodate those who prefer it. If you prefer not to use an alert box, change the alert() at the end of the snippet to a console.log() to display the output in the console instead. Paste all of this on one line into the console of your web browser:

var expAlert="Site Streak: "+duo.user.attributes.site_streak+"\n";for(var i in duo.user.attributes.languages) { if (duo.user.attributes.languages[i].learning) {expAlert=expAlert+duo.user.attributes.languages[i].language_string+" Streak: "+duo.user.attributes.languages[i].streak+" Lvl: "+duo.user.attributes.languages[i].level+" Exp:"+duo.user.attributes.languages[i].points+" Next lvl@: "+duo.user.attributes.languages[i].to_next_level+"\n";};};alert(expAlert);

You'll see something like this:


...or this if you change the output to the console:



Edit to add: You can also click on this link to see the results described above similar to the more recently introduced "duoCheck."

November 3, 2014



I think I love you..


Hi, thanks. I wrote a small wrapper script around your code and bound it to the Numpad 0 key. That way, you don't have to keep pasting the code in the console :) If you have the Tampermonkey Chrome extension installed, all you have to do is

After a page reload, Numpad 0 should bring up the alert window. If it doesn't, check the JS console for errors.


Excellent. I had planned to do something similar later this afternoon when I have a few minutes free. I was planning on injecting it into the page somewhere, but this works, too. Now I can do something more productive haha. Thanks!


Great job. Thanks for that, dude. But I hope they would fix it... in the next days. -.-


Wouldn't hold my breath :)


I have two questions

  • Which alert am I changing?

  • Where am I pasting this?



Sorry, I pasted the version without the alert() in the original post. I've edited it now.

If you're using Chrome, press ctrl-shift-j to bring up the JavaScript console (ctrl-shift-k in Firefox). Change the alert near the end of the snippet to say console.log instead for Chrome. The code as it is will work fine in Chrome, I just detest alert boxes personally.


Thank you, but I'm not sure which alert you mean. The one in the bracket must be scrapped for console.log? or do you mean the one outside it?

Edit: I got it. never mind!


There's only one alert. The other one says expAlert. Change alert(expAlert); to console.log(expAlert); As I said, though, you don't have to change anything. I just prefer to dump the info to the console rather than an annoying alert box.


Sweet, thanks pinkodoug! Works like a charm for Safari (copy and paste that into the bar by the blue arrow on the bottom of the console, to the right of the Filter Resource List).


Hi Alexis! Can u be so kind and give me more details, how u made it work on Mac in Safari? Thx a lot :)


I am very sorry but I can't find the alert box can you show me in pictures please.

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F12 in Internet Explorer. Use the Script tab. Thank you, pinkodoug!


Also in Chrome! :D


F12 opens the developer tools panel in Chrome (and Firefox), but does not necessarily take you to the javascript console as ctrl-shift-j does (ctrl-shift-k in Firefox). IE has no shortcut to directly open the javascript console.


Hm...they both open the same thing for me in Chrome?


F12 opens whichever was the last developer tools tab you used. It defaults to the console the first time it's pressed in a session. That's why I said "...not necessarily..." in my previous post. If you've been viewing HTML, CSS or javascript sources, looking at network IO or whetever, it will open to those tabs rather than the console. That's why I explicitly stated the console shortcut in the original post so that novices wouldn't be confused if they hit the dev tools shortcut (f12 or ctrl-shift-I) and were greeted with one of the other tab panels.


@allintolearning - As I mentioned elsewhere, IE has no direct shortcut like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Press F12 to open the developer tools and then select the script console which is the 2nd button on the left-side vertical menu. Once the dev tools are open, I think you can hit ctrl-2 to shortcut to that particular panel, but I try to avoid using IE as much as possible so I'm not 100% sure of the shortcut.


I don't have chrome nor firefox. I am using internet explorer. Is that ctrl-shift-l (small L) or I (big i)? No, none of those work. I must use F12 What comes up is DOM Explorer. Is that right?

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Thank you! I guess I must keep adding that line to the Script tab to see the pop-up again, right?


If you're not using Chrome, yes. Firefox and IE do not maintain a command history that's persistent from session to session. On those browsers, you'll need to paste this into the console after each time you want to check your progress after the browser restarts. In chrome you can just use the up-arrow to cycle through your history.


I can see my points to next level in my profile, and I can see yours too ... it is here :

Spanish - Level 25 Next level: -45 XP Total XP: 30046 XP

German - Level 11 Next level: 776 XP Total XP: 3124 XP

French - Level 6 Next level: 112 XP Total XP: 638 XP


Yes, some users (those in the web_profile_sidebar_experiment test group) can view their XP and level information (and can see others' information) on the profile pages. That functionality is part of an AB test that most users do not have available to them. As I said in the original post, this method is for those that do not have the profile XP information available to them. Additionally, the method is useful for everyone that wishes to know their language-specific streak values since they're not shown anywhere on the web (they're displayed rather prominently on the mobile apps, though).


WOW r u...like... Steve Jobs or...Albert Einstien? Couldn't think of anyone else.


It works great! I just wish there was an easier way to check than to paste a command into the console every time... Duolingo really needs to bring the progress bar back. Thanks though, you've fulfilled a need that Duolingo didn't think of!


For anyone who visits this thread, please go straight to https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4914732 - follow the instructions and enjoy the old progress bar ;)


This is for users that cannot (or don't want to) use userscripts (due to browser compatibility, security concerns, etc.), as well as those that wish to see their course-specific streak values.


Amazing! Thanks pinkodoug!


I found another way. If you practice at: "Practice and beat the clock!" (only on desktop version) https://www.duolingo.com/practice at the end of the excercise, if you get at least one point, you can see how many points are missing to reach the next level.


That's a feature being AB tested, and isn't available to most users, unfortunately.


Thank you for posting it as a Link. I added it to my bookmarks. I will try putting it into Greasemonkey later, but for now it's convenient to start out by using it as a bookmark.

I like the information and formatting of your version, compared to the others I've seen. I especially like seeing the Language-specific streak. Thanks again.


Thanks. It's nice to be able to see points needed to next level. Also, I've never played with the console before. Makes me want to get back to coding -- it's been a few years.

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Thanks Doug


Thank you pinkodoug!!!! I can create my own goals from now on... this will help me a lot!


amazing work! now i can see how much exp i need for level up. THX!


Thank you so much. It works for IE too! :)


Thank you very much!




Excelent, since the xp remotion from here, i've been using duolingo's android app to see my xp. Not very convenient.

Here, take a lingot


Hi there. it looks rly great guys, even though I have one petit questions: Is there any chance to make this work in Safari on MACs? (: Thx a lot in advance (;


This should work as is on Safari. AlexisLinguist commented earlier in this thread that it worked fine for her.


Maybe in older version. Doesn't work on Yosemite 10.10.1 :/ Anyway, thx for help ;)


I somehow missed this reply until lomereiter's post brought me back to the thread. What's not working specifically?


Great, thank you a lot


EASY Solution (written in Spanish ) to know our XP points and how much needed to raise the level ! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7890944


There are a couple of problems, though. If a student is being tracked by a teacher, they cannot add themelves as students in the dashboard. The XP given is only a total for the course, it requires comparing that number to the XP chart to see how far you need to go. This is decidedly less simple than merely clicking a link or even pasting a bit of code into the console. Plus, it gives no information about course streaks which some people want to see.


Thanks for your answer. It's a very well detailed opinion. My solution , using Duolingo Dashboard ,is just a different option to choose, with different advantages and disadvantages. Greetings!


It's good to see that Duolingo has finally implemented this. Thanks, pinkodoug, for keeping the OCD side of me sane for the months before they made the change. Lingots are worthless (another upgrade I'll be looking forward to), but have a few anyway.


why is this info not available just in the homepage ?


Bonjour Je suis au niveau 20 et je N arrive pas aux nouvelles questions?


Hey, think you could make it so we could have 0 xp left with a bit of console code =) I am a javascript game developer myself, so I know a bit of coding


For me it only works in a discussion. In the main Home duo has no user property

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