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"¿Por qué no lo toma?"

Translation:Why do you not take it?

5 years ago



I wrote, "Why not take it." Why is this incorrect?

4 years ago


Same thing I was wondering

4 years ago


Same. The verb doesn't imply "you". What are we missing here?

4 months ago


I have the same question. But I think that there is a subtle difference between "por que no, lo toma" and "por que, no lo toma". But I would like a native to clarify this distinction.

2 months ago

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I wrote "Why does he not take him?", but I should have said "take it". Is there any difference between 'lo' as 'it' or 'him'?

5 years ago


'Lo' can mean both him or it. In this sentence, however, it must be 'it' to make sense. Tomar is for when something is being used, for example taking notes, taking a shower, or "taking" a pill. Llevar would mean to bring someone or something somewhere. They both mean "to take," but only llevar implies "bring." Tomar implies "use."

5 years ago


I wrote, "Why not take it?". Why is that incorrect?

3 years ago


I think these answers are acceptable: Why don't you take it (a usted) Why doesn't he/she take it (a él, a ella) The indirect object should be IT because it makes more sense. Toma is the verb for él, ella, usted.

4 months ago


What would "why did you not take it" be?

3 months ago