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"Ligt Limburg zuidelijker dan de andere provincies?"

Translation:Is Limburg farther south than the other provinces?

November 3, 2014



Farthest south.


Would ("Ja, Limburg ligt zuidelijker dan de andere provincies." ) be the answer to this question, if I was trying to say ("Yes, Limburg is farther south than the other provinces".) ?:


Yes, that's correct.


Thank you Rutger_W! It always helps when I can confirm a sentence I make myself.


Is it also possible to say " Is Limburg situaded farther south than the other provinces?


Why does DL give as hint for 'zuidelijker' MORE SOUTH, if it then rejects that, requiring us to use FARTHER SOUTH....?! So frustrating...


IDK, but as a native Engels Spreker, I can tell you that more south or more southern sounds wrong in this context, and that further south sounds right


Although, technically "further south" is wrong, as "further" refers to time and "farther" refers to distance: "New Year's Eve is further away than I thought" vs "She lives farther away from me than her sister".


Yes, further and farther are used interchangeably in terms of meaning, although one word definitely sounds more appropriate in certain contexts than others; which is what makes languages so much fun/hard to learn.


I was under the impression that the interchangeability of further and farther was not technically correct and just a part of verbal speech. But perhaps you are correct. Thanks for the examples!


Yea that's a relativelively recent prescribed thing by some editor if a dictionary which has only (partially) taken off in America. Originally the two were used basicly interchangeably.

If you are American and write for Americans it's not a bad idea to stick with farther in cases it's about distance. If you are not from America or write for an international public I would go with further (with the bonus that it can never be used incorrectly while farther in some cases simply is incorrect regardless of your variety of English)



Is this the "Limburg" of "Limburger cheese" renown" ?


Before the Netherlands formed there was a Duchy of Limburg, that's where the cheese and the Dutch province got their name. So you could say the cheese predates the province.


I said "Is Limburg located more southerly than the other provinces"

I can see no error here. (Imo it's better, I would translate the given English sentence as "Is Limburg zuidelijker dan de andere provincies" Or meer naar het zuiden actually.

Perhaps I overlooked something. (Also my "farther-radar" goes of. I would really make it further here. In most cases both can be used, in some cases farther doesn't work (only for distances) so eventhough it might be correct here, it still doesn't fully spund right to me. And yes I know British English and American English both have a different view on this. And I guess this time I'm siding with the Brits https://painintheenglish.com/case/5090 )


Is Limburg located more southern than the other provinces? = Rejected: 10 okt. 2021. Reported. [farther south = verder zuidelijk]

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