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XP progress bar no longer visible

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I (foolishly) just enabled the Coach feature, and now I have NO WAY WHATSOEVER to view my XP progress toward the next level.

This is ridiculous and highly de-motivating. Please fix this, Duolingo! Thank you.

(Sorry, I know this has been discussed elsewhere. I'm hoping that my post will add to the flood of complaints and increase the chance for a change.)

November 3, 2014



Unfortunately, it doesn't matter whether you enable it or not, the space in which the exp progress bar was previously displayed is now occupied by the coach feature. The devs are working on a way to show this information to the users, but it may be some time before they finalize a solution for everyone. There's an AB test which displays your exp progress for whichever courses you're learning on your profile. If you're not a part of that test group and you feel comfortable tinkering in your browser, you can use this quick dirty work-around that I posted here to track your progress.


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Hi there! Here's the update that Bchan from team duolingo posted about this new feature: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5261909


I agree, losing the progress bar is very de-motivating! Not knowing how close I am to the next level is frustrating!!!

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