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Practice weakest words v Practice all skills

Can anyone explain the difference between these two? Does "weakest words" discount grammar and focus entirely on vocab? Or does "practice all skills" not use any algorithm to determine what you need to practise most etc? Any help on this would be appreciated as I'm not sure which option is best

June 25, 2013



I've heard that they are the same.


They seem to be the same. I've used both quite a few times and could not tell a difference between them. They both apparently target your weakest words and they even link to the same exact page: http://www.duolingo.com/#practice


I constantly use both, one right after the other (just in case) and I haven't spotted any difference either. What I have noticed is that, lately, the system is much more effective in spotting the really weakest words and adding them in the practice sessions. I used to have issues with this a couple of weeks ago. Now it seems to be working fine. So any of the two would work I think!


Thanks everyone who answered, having tried them both in succession I think you're right and they are identical in function.

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