"A book"

Translation:En bog

November 3, 2014



I expected this to be "Et bog." Most everything I've seen to now says that "et" is the proper article when referring to things that have no gender, which I would assume includes books. Can someone help me understand why "en" is used instead?


The gender of a word can have nothing to do with the word itself


Is there any good reason why "Et bog" should be accepted? I tried that, and they took it as a typo, but it was no typo! I reported it with "My answer should NOT be accepted".


Scroll down to the Tips and Notes section here, and it will make more sense: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/da/Basics-1


I read those again, and I don't see any reason why ‘Et bog’ should be accepted if ‘En bog’ is correct. Can a word belong to both genders?


Agh. Sorry. I must have been half asleep when I read your post. No, it can't belong to both genders. You're correct.


@NanaAnders: Yes, Danish has two genders: common (with ‘en’) and neuter (with ‘et’). In linguistics, ‘gender’ does not necessarily mean male/female; that's how gender works in French but not in Danish. (In fact, it is the influence of languages like French that makes ‘gender’ mean male/female outside of linguistics; the broader meaning in linguistics is the original meaning.)


I thought you tought bogen instead en bog, why is It incorrect?

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"Bogen" means "the book", this sentence is asking you to translate "a book" which is "en bog".


I have books!

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