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  5. "Gan salann."

"Gan salann."

Translation:Without salt.

November 3, 2014



Is it just me, or did the speaker sound really MAD when she said this? Frankly, I’d be upset if I didn’t have salt...so I can’t blame her.


Could this also be "salt-free," such as you might see on a box in a grocery store?


It seems plausible, since gan cháin means “tax-free”. Im gan salann is “unsalted butter”.

Gan is unusual in that it generally (but not always) lenites B, C, G, M, and P, but it never lenites D, F, S, and T.


Thanks! Yay new vocab, boo tricky rules.


It wont lenit a word beginning with D,T or S because of the " DeNTaLS-DoTS" rule.

Not sure why it wouldnt lenite a T.


That was supposed to be F at the bottom not T


I remember very little of the Breton I learned forty years ago, but I'm fairly sure 'gant' means 'with' - I may struggle to get this one right

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