"He looks like a basketball player."

Translation:Ele parece um jogador de basquete.

June 25, 2013



Duolingo gives this as a correct answer "Ele parece com um jogador de basquete." Should "com" really be "como"??

June 25, 2013


Look like = se parecer com. Then, that would be "ele se parece com um jogador de futebol" // "ele parece um jogador de futebol". The first one means "appearance". The second would be "he is like a soccer player"

June 26, 2013


Thanks, but Duo doesn't include the reflexive "se" in the suggested text. Is it also possible to say "Ele parece com um jogador" without the reflexive 'se'? It sounds weird/wrong to me. When taking 'se' away, it sounds better to me saying "como", as in "Ele parece como um jogador", but from what you write above, I guess no native would say that? Anyway, I don't think Duo's suggestion is a very good one...

March 20, 2014


Yes, I wouldn't use "ele parece com um jogador de futebol", only "se parecer com" or simply "parecer" =)

March 21, 2014


I wrote "Ele parece como um jogador de basquete" and duolingo did not like "como" even though it is a hint under "like." .... I've always understood "com" to mean "with."

March 28, 2014


Ok I am starting to doubt the meaning of "com". Can you explain to me why "com" takes the place of "como" and "sobre" and possibly other awkward words that don't make sense to me?

June 12, 2014


Com = with.

But you can't take prepositions literally no matter what language you study

  • don't worry with him = não se preocupe com ele
  • to look like = se parecer com (expression).
June 12, 2014
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