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Establishing the de/het nature of words as we learn them (suggestion)

Hello! I'm learning Dutch, it goes pretty smooth except for the articles HET and DE. In German course, as we learn and practice words individually, we always have to translate it as "die Maus", "der Bär", etc., but in Dutch we only have to type "Muis" and "Beer", for example. This leaves me confused whether they are "de" or "het" words as I learn them, and I fail a lot of lessons because I have to guess. Would it be possible to change the Dutch course and make it more like the German one in that sense?

Thank you :)

November 4, 2014



This is listed on Duolingo's to-do list as "planned" and has been for a while. They are busy guys, who knows when they will get around to it. Unfortunately there is nothing that we (the Dutch team) can do about it right now.


Hello, i'm from Russian course sistem (and yes, I have beer and i drink vodka).

I fall in love in Dutch phonetics and words, and spirit. I never learned German, and Dutch especially. For me it will be more efficient, if it will be possible to practice "articles" in "one word exercises". Have the Dutch team plans when you will change it?


I'm sorry for my direct question, but i think if Dutch team will make "good upgrate", i can wait.


I'm dutch and when I had to learn German in school I was taught that often "het" words turn into "das" words and then I had to figure out if "de" words would become "der" or "die" words. using "het" when the word would be "das" might help with guessing


Exactly as I learned it in German class!


Yess! They added it in!


Look there, it can help you =^_^=

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