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Danish or Swedish?

With the Swedish course getting ready to open, I am looking for something to go with my Irish studies. I was hoping to get some feedback on which would be a better pursuit. I know both are similar and each will help me understand the other, but I was just curious.

My current language skills include fluent Mandarin Chinese, English as my native tongue, and conversational Bahasa Indonesian.

All help would be greatly appreciated.

November 4, 2014



Do you prefer Wallandar or Forbrydelsen?


get the best of both worlds with Bron (Broen). I love Wallander but it's so long! (90 min episodes without commercials)


It depends on what motivates you! I'm Danish, so I'd have to lean towards Danish, but that's for bias reasons ;)


I'm going for Swedish mostly because the pronunciation is supposed to be easier. That's really the only major factor pulling me in any direction. Your mileage may vary, but that's why I'm probably going to do Swedish before/over Danish.


Being a native in English will really help with either one (although for pronunciation, I've heard Norwegian is even easier, but alas, no Duolingo course yet). I'd say there's no harm in giving Danish a go, getting through a few lessons. Then do the same with Swedish when it comes out, and see where you stand then. Or if you want to choose, it could be between understanding Ikea furniture names, or reading Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in their original language


I am a bit biased, but as a native swede, danish is hard to understand for most swedes. Not for me, but the reason is a different story. But If you understand swedish, you can understand written danish pretty easily. But understanding danish speach can be tricky. But I guess, If you want to understand both, then go for danish. Pronouncing will be harder, but it will proboably be more rewarding.


there are twice as many Swedish speakers in the world. as people noted, it's much clearer sounding. Still you should exaggerate and move your mouth to the extremes to better pronounce things. I'm biased too since my sambo is Swedish. It won't hurt to start the Danish course to get a start on learning the grammar and basic words. (I've been waiting longingly for the Swedish Duolingo course to hatch)


Which culture do you enjoy the most? I've heard that's a good way to choose. And who says you can't learn both! :-) Woot!


The two languages are mutually intelligible, though danish is slightly more difficult. If you plan on learning both, start with the hard one (danish). If you're just doing this for fun, swedish is probably a better choice.

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