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Watch TV in Irish for free

If you are studying Irish, you may want to check out this site for full, free streaming TV shows in Irish: http://www.tg4.tv/ Does anyone else have more resources to share for reading/listening to Irish, or studying Irish grammar?

November 4, 2014



That's very cool! Thanks for sharing.


What are some good shows on TG4?


Personally, I prefer Nuacht TG4. It lacks English subtitles, making you focus on the language and not reading the subtitles. Otherwise Comhrá is a good one, and actually available on TV in America. You could also try the Cúla 4, which is shows for kids. Some of the documentaries are really interesting as well. And Ros na Rún is a long running soap opera, and Aifric is a good teenage show.


Fíorscéal is a long-running documentary series, mostly European imports, but with Irish narration and English subtitles! It shouldn't work, but they always seem to find interesting topics. An Bronntanas, the new drama, is still available from Episode 1.


Does anyone know how I might stream old episodes of Ros na Rún? Go raibh maith agat!


Does anybody know where I can watch Irish TV Shows or anything like this in Irish plus Irish subtitles?

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